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Sunday Papers #10: Sunday 12th December

On time, on topic ūüôā

* Words are still failing me to discuss what happened on Thursday in London and it seems to be the same for many people. Perhaps at the moment all that can be said are photos of the event. Principia has collated some photo’s, here , and here. Include a photo of the attempt to take down the xmas tree. Magic.

* Slightly removed and poetic short story about Thursday’s events from the¬†University¬†of Utopia. Argues that Camilla’s face is the reality of the day.

* “There’s an inherent¬†violence¬†to any form of relationship”. A video “lecture” on violence by the University for Strategic Optimism. There appear to be several of these creative projects¬†emerging¬†from within the university. much of the¬†work¬†they are producing is certainly interesting if not a little twee when set against the backdrop of such raw conflict. NB The first 30 seconds has some amazing¬†footage¬†of the treasury doors being knocked in!

* Intellectual self-defence against those that see the cuts as essential.

* Finally, for those of you that found the pop. ed. stuff interesting here’s a link to Trapese popular education collective’s useful page on what they think pop. ed. is.