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New Interview With Occupied London

Online now at Shift magazine. Follow the link to the Shift site.

Also, if you haven’t read it, check out my review of the book edited by Occupied London, ‘Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass’, follow the link to the Shift article.

Podcasts from Historical Materialism, London, November, 2009

Infinite Thought has kindly flagged this excellent collection of podcasts from the recent historical materialism conference in London.

I haven’t listened to any of these yet but I’m particularly looking forward to listening to Erik Swyngedouw and (recently released) Tadzio Mueller speaking in session VII on Ecological crisis, and Holloways presentation which appears, presumably, to be about his new book, Crack Capitalism.

Also, as is probably obvious, I made it back from Copenhagen (relatively) unscathed. I’ll be trying to pull out some of the various thoughts and experiences that I had whilst over there and mull over them here for your collective appreciation and (hopefully) discussion. Until then all I can say is that from the movements perspective Copenhagen was a very encouraging event and it will be interesting seeing if we can move on from this.