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New Interview With Occupied London

Online now at Shift magazine. Follow the link to the Shift site.

Also, if you haven’t read it, check out my review of the book edited by Occupied London, ‘Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass’, follow the link to the Shift article.

Shift Editorial Online now

This is one of the strongest issues that we have put out as of yet. Go grab your copy from a good info-shop, book store near you.

Our editorial is online here.


Manchester to Refuse to Implement the Cuts!

Manchester Mule, first to every news story, read all about it here.

Sunday Papers #13: Sunday, February 20th

This week’s links are all linked to the theme of precarity. Given my current state of under-employment I’ve been thinking about this a little. Expect some development of these thoughts in a future article.


  • The Really Open University have posted up an article on free labour which is a good place to start.
  • Found a link to this group, the precarious workers brigade. Nice name, not too sure about what they’re doing however. They also have an interesting collection of articles which can be browsed through here.
  • only skimmed this article, it seems slightly old but still very relevant.  Preparing ourselves for the labour market requires large periods of self-investment (CV building etc.) which this article, referring to post-operaismo theory is termed immaterial labour.
  • Finally, Mute on precarity. Lots of interesting articles discussing and problematising the concept of precarity.


Sunday Paper’s #12: Sunday, January 30th

  • Firstly, head to Glowing Falling Over if you’re looking for an interestingweb comic with lovely artwork, interesting themes and a striking use of language.

She was, then, raised by wolves until she had lost most of her milk teeth, weaned on the flesh of psychoanalysts in the rubble of Rome.

  • For those that missed my last post, here’s the link to the Bingham Autonomia reading group blog.
  • Bedtime Theory on the French Ultra-Left.

Looking forward to getting stuck into some reading so for now, that’s all folks…



For those out on the Streets Tomorrow!

Go Team A!

Greater Manchester Police are expecting this to be a big one, I truly hope so. Aaron Porter will be gracing us with his presence on this one…



New Shift Article Worth Reading

From issue no.11

From the Defence of the Present to the Control of the Future

I think this article  lay’s out the challenge quite clearly. The task for all of us involved is to work out ways of answering this. How do we move towards the future? It’s certain that we’ll have to move beyond our activist identities, indeed the movement is already leaving us behind in many ways, and seek to learn from others along the way.


Sunday Papers #11: Sunday, January 23rd

  • Firstly, it’s an oldie but a goody. Sir Ken Robinson on educational paradigms, animated by the RSA. Makes interesting arguments about how classes are constructed, how certain forms of thought and knowledge are prioritised and delivers a damning criticism of the use of pharmaceutical products within the school system. Perhaps lacking in criticism of the use of education to prepare students for the marketplace….
  • Eric Hobsbawm being interviewed by the Guardian. Reading a selection of his short essays at the moment which although certainly dated are still an enjoyable read. Hobsbawm on Zizek

I suppose Zizek is rightly described as a performer. He has this element of provocation that is very characteristic and does help to interest people, but I’m not certain that people who are reading Zizek are actually drawn very much nearer rethinking the problems of the left.

  • Interesting re-orientation of anti-gentrification struggles in Berlin.
  • Article by Schnews on possible police trolling on Indymedia. Another future Guardian “exclusive” perhaps?
  • Finally for those of you still having problems with various Trotskyist organisations a friend chucked this great Australian resource my way.


Sunday Papers #10: Sunday 12th December

On time, on topic 🙂

* Words are still failing me to discuss what happened on Thursday in London and it seems to be the same for many people. Perhaps at the moment all that can be said are photos of the event. Principia has collated some photo’s, here , and here. Include a photo of the attempt to take down the xmas tree. Magic.

* Slightly removed and poetic short story about Thursday’s events from the University of Utopia. Argues that Camilla’s face is the reality of the day.

* “There’s an inherent violence to any form of relationship”. A video “lecture” on violence by the University for Strategic Optimism. There appear to be several of these creative projects emerging from within the university. much of the work they are producing is certainly interesting if not a little twee when set against the backdrop of such raw conflict. NB The first 30 seconds has some amazing footage of the treasury doors being knocked in!

* Intellectual self-defence against those that see the cuts as essential.

* Finally, for those of you that found the pop. ed. stuff interesting here’s a link to Trapese popular education collective’s useful page on what they think pop. ed. is.



Sunday Papers #9: Sunday 5th December

Apologies once again for infrequent posting. I’m hoping to have more time in the next few months.

* Interesting discussion about the university as a factory, social relationships and the possibility of change within the university. Although it sometimes descends into very academic language and at other times delves perhaps a little too deeply into non-violent communication (NVC) as a tool for changing the world to my liking it is still an interesting article. “The map is not the terrain”.

*The excellent Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London have written a new article about historical materialism. Perhaps a little esoteric for many involved here in the UK, still an interesting article and worth a read.

*Article reviewing the work put forward in two books about merchant capital in the 1600’s. Argues, albeit briefly, against Marx’s labour theory of value in order to show that, despite Marx’s dismissal of finance capital m – c -m*, merchants and finance capital are and indeed were vital to capitals functioning. The argument is probably not in doubt and this article is short but interesting.

* All issues of common sense a great autonomous and open marxist journal have been digitised and made available online. Head over and have a rummage around. They’re great.

* Interesting article on National anarchism here.

* and to supplement it, can’t remember if I’ve already posted this up. But an interesting article on developments in fascism in recent decades.

* and finally… everyone’s favourite Authoritarian Socialist leader Kim Jong Il looking at various things. Funnier than it sounds trust me.