The Resonance Project

“A revolutionary movement doesn’t spread by contamination, but by resonance. Something that builds up in one place resounds with the shock-wave emitted by something that builds up in another. The resounding body resounds in its own way. An insurrection is not like the spread of a plague or a forest fire – a linear process spreading out from nearby place to nearby place, starting from an initial spark. Rather it is something that takes form like music, and its burning hearths manage to impose the rhythm of their own vibration, even if dispersed through time and space. And to grow ever more vast. To the point where a return to normalcy is no longer desirable, or even conceivable.”

From: “Focusing In”, The Invisible Commitee, 2009.

History once again appears open before us. The accumulation of capital has led to crises within the productive, reproductive and environmental spheres. The outcomes of these ruptures from the rhythm’s of capitalist management are not yet clear. As states and global institutions struggle to implement another round of capitalist accumulation based upon financial austerity, bio-political discipline and ecological modernisation, flashpoints of resistance are emerging from within the social field. From Greece to Strasbourg, from Oaxaca to Copenhagen, autonomous resistance to capitalist processes emerge and resonate across the globe.

The key questions this blog is interested in are strategic ones.  It is clear that the capitalist mode of production must be replaced with one based upon communist principles, however a world free of exploitation will not emerge spontaneously. The key question that must be asked is not  whether capitalism needs replacing, but “what must be done” to achieve this. What strategies, tactics and alliances can help spread the communist project? In what ways are our movements entwined with sovereign power and in what forms can this power be resisted, subverted or avoided? How do we respond and maintain relevance to our ever shifting material reality? This blog hopes to be a space where such questions can, at least, be articulated if not answered. Our “answers” can only emerge through the collective inteligence that exists within our movements.


  1. Seen this yet?

    ps: In pieces like the one above, risks seeming like a “left only” strategy. As I’m sure you’ve noted, D&G’s use of resonance is similar to the notion of “secularism” – which is used to secure the state (cf – “Micropolitics and Segementarity”). I think the risk of “resonance good” is the uncritical ‘Negriism’ Tiqqun accuses many alter-globalization activists of. Not saying that you fall into any of these traps though – i like your stuff. Keep it up!

  2. I’m the author of the piece mentioned by the comment above, “Resonance and the Egyptian Revolution”, so it’s great to discover this site and fellow travelers in resonance exploration.

    I’ve been interested in the concept of resonance for some time, and the Egyptian Revolution inspired me to analyze in detail what resonance is, at an affective, bodily, spatial and political level, and engaging not only with The Invisible Committee but primarily with Spinoza, which is key to examine what resonance is and to understand its power.

    Second part is coming soon. Let’s expand the resonance farther

  3. now then,

    i wondered if you’d seen this. it is a (bad, but who am i to judge since i couldnt do it myself) translation of badiou’s intervention on the egyptian revolt. intervention is the right word i think. everyone talks of democracy, islamism, humanitarianism and arms, ways of neutralizing the event – badiou talks about communism. ‘resonance’ is a key operator for him in the article. a fantastic piece i think:

    And just in case you hadn’t seen these either, links to interventions from the usual suspects as well:

    The ‘my website’ link is from the blog page i intend to fill one day, but all i have so far is a pciture and a title. anyway, hope you re well mate, and hopefully see you soon


  4. I’m not in any movement, just a student watching from the sideline, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents:

    “It is clear that the capitalist mode of production must be replaced with one based upon communist principles, however a world free of exploitation will not emerge spontaneously.”

    That’s not so clear to me. And if I were trying to foment a global revolution, I would either a) develop a 20-second pich that makes it perfectly clear to anyone with an IQ over 70 why communism is the only option, or b) settle for propagandizing an idea less complex than communism, one of its premises perhaps. Like the idea that work can and should be a fulfilling part of human life. Or perhaps democratic principles. Something people can get behind. Because I don’t think they can get behind communism. The word’s got a bad rep.

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