Crimthinc Comes of Age?

Interesting article which catches members of the crimethinc collective in a fairly reflective mood. They discuss the changes that have occurred since their project began and argue that many of these changes have come about through our organisation. Whilst we shouldn’t get too carried away with our, “our” being the conscious left, influence in this the links to autonomist theory are clear to see.

The recognition of the move into austerity and generalised precariousness and the rise of decentralised hierarchy and power relations are important points of our new situation. Crimethinc should be commended for honestly discussing the shifts that their project has experienced.

It seems that people, collectives and groups all over the place are beginning to re-evaluate the contemporary political situation (it’s class composition to use an autonomist term), its constraints and opportunities, it’s horizons and its current nature. Commonalities appear to be emerging through the variety of different perspectives and local contexts in which these forms of knowledge are produced. It will be interesting to see if the new foundations for movement are being produced. The key task for this will be in the ways in which this knowledge is developed and stimulated to spread. Can we move firstly beyond the satisfied activist clique and then engage with other communities and world views to start forging the basis for meaningful political change, not just interesting theoretical discussion?


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  1. No complaints about the comments themselves, but bit of a patronising title don’t you think?

  2. Hi Thomas

    Perhaps a fairly patronising title, but I liked it as it hints at some kind of dual meaing.

    A) Firstly, crimethinc have (admittedly quite a while before this article) matured incredibly from their earlier dumpster-diving, drop-out politics to what we read from them today.

    B) Connected to this, the article I’ve linked to seems to be tapping into a general feeling/moment/movement within radical movements. The article itself is ‘coming of age’ in the sense that it is resonating and echoing the thoughts of our current time/age.

    Nice one


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