Daily Archives: February 20, 2011

Sunday Papers #13: Sunday, February 20th

This week’s links are all linked to the theme of precarity. Given my current state of under-employment I’ve been thinking about this a little. Expect some development of these thoughts in a future article.


  • The Really Open University have posted up an article on free labour which is a good place to start.
  • Found a link to this group, the precarious workers brigade. Nice name, not too sure about what they’re doing however. They also have an interesting collection of articles which can be browsed through here.
  • only skimmed this article, it seems slightly old but still very relevant.  Preparing ourselves for the labour market requires large periods of self-investment (CV building etc.) which this article, referring to post-operaismo theory is termed immaterial labour.
  • Finally, Mute on precarity. Lots of interesting articles discussing and problematising the concept of precarity.