Daily Archives: January 23, 2011

Sunday Papers #11: Sunday, January 23rd

  • Firstly, it’s an oldie but a goody. Sir Ken Robinson on educational paradigms, animated by the RSA. Makes interesting arguments about how classes are constructed, how certain forms of thought and knowledge are prioritised and delivers a damning criticism of the use of pharmaceutical products within the school system. Perhaps lacking in criticism of the use of education to prepare students for the marketplace….
  • Eric Hobsbawm being interviewed by the Guardian. Reading a selection of his short essays at the moment which although certainly dated are still an enjoyable read. Hobsbawm on Zizek

I suppose Zizek is rightly described as a performer. He has this element of provocation that is very characteristic and does help to interest people, but I’m not certain that people who are reading Zizek are actually drawn very much nearer rethinking the problems of the left.

  • Interesting re-orientation of anti-gentrification struggles in Berlin.
  • Article by Schnews on possible police trolling on Indymedia. Another future Guardian “exclusive” perhaps?
  • Finally for those of you still having problems with various Trotskyist organisations a friend chucked this great Australian resource my way.