Sunday Papers #9: Sunday 5th December

Apologies once again for infrequent posting. I’m hoping to have more time in the next few months.

* Interesting discussion about the university as a factory, social relationships and the possibility of change within the university. Although it sometimes descends into very academic language and at other times delves perhaps a little too deeply into non-violent communication (NVC) as a tool for changing the world to my liking it is still an interesting article. “The map is not the terrain”.

*The excellent Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London have written a new article about historical materialism. Perhaps a little esoteric for many involved here in the UK, still an interesting article and worth a read.

*Article reviewing the work put forward in two books about merchant capital in the 1600’s. Argues, albeit briefly, against Marx’s labour theory of value in order to show that, despite Marx’s dismissal of finance capital m – c -m*, merchants and finance capital are and indeed were vital to capitals functioning. The argument is probably not in doubt and this article is short but interesting.

* All issues of common sense a great autonomous and open marxist journal have been digitised and made available online. Head over and have a rummage around. They’re great.

* Interesting article on National anarchism here.

* and to supplement it, can’t remember if I’ve already posted this up. But an interesting article on developments in fascism in recent decades.

* and finally… everyone’s favourite Authoritarian Socialist leader Kim Jong Il looking at various things. Funnier than it sounds trust me.


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  1. Here’s a radio show recorded a week later on the same subject.

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