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Excellent downfall/anti-cuts parody

The German film Downfall which dealt with the last days of Hitler in Berlin has proven the unlikely subject of a internet parody phenomenon. Topics such as Englands progress in the World Cup, the Apple Ipad and the Oscars have all been topics of parody with different subtitles being added to the gripping scene in which the march of the Soviet forces becomes unstoppable.

My friend has just done an excellent parody of Cameron’s reaction to the Millbank protests. Absolute comedy gold.

watch it here. Seems that the link function isn’t working. here’s the URL


2010 Global Strike against money?

From the infinitely sensible group I just promoted to this….

Just found this in my email inbox. Sorry for how long it is but if your in need of a brief burst of humour you probably can’t go wrong.

The 2012 world Wide Strike to Abolish Money is slowly growing momentum and a bit of free for all.

There are 2 call outs. 1 Just strike for 1 day and another an idefinite strike untill the money system has been terminated.

with 5 million humans starving every year , millions more dying from lack of affordable medicine = the huge suffing caused by environmental degradation , i prefer to end the money system ASAP.

World strike to abolish money The 2012

Economic and spiritual revolution

To create

A world


Free Access

Simply and peacefully done.

The strike starts when the Olympic torch is lit for the 2012 Olympic games.

We will return to work when

All monetary units are made Illegal

All statutes made null and void

A return to common law

We will return to work not for money but for goodwill, co-operation and the freedom and betterment of all human kind.

We will return to work using the existing systems [while it suits us] but transforming and making those systems free and more fair.

We will make it our priority

That all human beings have access to adequate shelter, foods and health care

We will uphold the common law

On the return to work

If you do not have work to go to [i.e. you were in the finance industry] , or you do not wish to return to your  work, do not worry . You are now free. Free to jump on a jet plane, free to visit friends and family, free to party.

Everything will be free

Every human being on the planet will be free.

Free from the fear of poverty, hunger,  lack of shelter and lack of health care.

There will be no sweat shops, no child labour, no drug cartels, no landlords, no fear of government agencies

Travel will be free, shelter will be free, health care will be free, food will be free, every thing will be free

For every human being on the planet

All lawful human beings will be free.

We will uphold the common law

To be honourable

Not to harm others

Not to steal from others

Not to deceive others

We will all be free

Strike, strike, strike, strike

Make common sense and common law prevail

After the strike, if you have no work to go to and you wish to work then offer your services to front line services.

Front line services to include ;

Production and distribution of food stuff.

Providing health and social care.

Upholding the common law.

Builders, poets,  mechanics , experimenters, scientists, shop keepers, law enforcers, carers , thinkers, researchers, peace keepers, statisticians, programmers , co-ordinators, teachers, doctors, nurses, minstrels, artists, farmers, drivers , pilots, all people.

We are all free

All equal under the law.

The revolution is here

There is enough food to feed the world, yet 5,000,000 people starve to death every year. Nearly half the worlds population live on less than 2 and a half dollars a day. With the abolition of money feeding and giving all people of the world a decent standard of living becomes purely a logistic problem. Economics and geo political forces will no longer stop or hinder the process.

While billions go without, billions remain idle, we have an abundance of human resources wasted because of geo/political economic forces. While the need for money and wage labour remains we can no go forward, we can not implement technological advancements for fear of unemployment . [ see ] while money is here the drudgery of work will always be with us. Money enslaves us all and created huge social inequalities. Money has not and will not set us free.

Abolish money and set the human race free.


Abolish money and set the human race free? A confusion between capital, the expansion of value, and money , a universal equivalent which creates the possibility of exchange leads towards a dead end. Thankfully so far it seems only Zeitgeist, a few strange, thankfully marginalised anarchist groups, and the occasional marijuana growing website are suppporting this one.

See you on the barricades? Probably not…


If your in Manchester next Wednesday…

Meeting about how to organise against the cuts here in Manchester next Wednesday. For those of you that use facebook, event is here. Check back for updates on agenda and such. The students have shown that resistance is still possible, Even if we all do love glass windows a little too much. Although the New Statesman wins the award for most sensible article in response.  Spread resistance, open the cracks.

You make cuts, we make trouble. Spread the word


ISF – Communism and Israel, some initial thoughts

The Platypus Affiliated Society have re-printed an article titled “Communism and Israel”, originally written in 2002 by Anti-German group Initiative Sozialistisches Forum (ISF). The Platypus society are (according to their website) committed to critiquing the past and exisiting left in the hope of “begin(ing) to address the improbable but not impossible tasks and project of the next Left”. The criticism of Louis Proyect over at unrepentant Marxist ( that Platypus are supporting racists is unfair, the Charnel house also critiques Louis over here , this is also host to an interesting discussion thread underneath. Although I disagree with this article it is certainly interesting to read and provides an insight into how criticisms of existing anti-imperialism and a commitment to anti-fascism can become twisted and perverted into horrendous forms of anti-Islam which identify Palestine with a fascist state/organisation.


To a reader non-versed in the intricacies of German Communism and Anti-German thought this article is equal parts baffling and worrying. Particularly, as Anti-German Translation points out to an Anglophone audience unfamiliar with viewing the Israel-Palestine question through a distinctly metaphysical lens. However, Not Stupid as the otherwise great analysis at New Left Project argues as this pathologises the work of the ISF and other anti-Germans such as Bahamas magazine. The conclusions drawn are not drawn from a lack of intelligence but from incorrect intellectual pathways and, presumably, a frustration with much of the Left with regards to its policy on anti-imperialism. The conclusions it has drawn are pretty horrendous and share little with what I see as emancipatory politics but they are certainly not stupid. It is worth reading the article and its responses yourself but be prepared it is truly bizarre. The ISF analysis of the state of Israel as “a force for emancipation” and the equation of Palestine as existing fascism is truly bizarre. As the New Left Project article highlights, Israel is one of the most socially polarised states in the OECD and is certainly not a model for any form of Communism I would identify with.


Wherever Israel, Palestine and the Anti-Germans are discussed tempers flare and passions are high. Whilst Israel is certainly not a bastion of Communism nor can we side uncritically with Hamas who are equally guilty of oppressing people living in Gaza. Indeed, we need to look beyond the immediate antagonism and find a third position. We should not feel helpless within a political history which offers no emancipatory potential but must seek a third position which embodies a critique of the State apparatus, religion (in particular Islamo-fascism) and the current state of the Left.


This project continues…