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Shift Magazine call out for Articles – issue 11

Sorry for lack of posts recently, we’ve just moved into our new housing co-op and still have no internet.

Here is a re-post of Shift’s latest call out for articles. Looks like it might be quite an interesting issue.

What is the relationship between religion and anti-capitalist movements?

It is clear that Islam occupies a contested and complex space within western political frameworks. Whilst some on the Left seek to romanticise and glorify Islamist movements such as Hamas and Hezbollah , we are also witnessing the increasing prevalence of anti-islamic positions within Europe and North America. The recent banning of the Hijab in France, the rise of the English Defence League and the national furor in the United States of America over plans to build an islamic community centre in the same area of New York as Ground Zero are clear examples of this.

Can religion provide the answer? How do we understand the seemingly progressive ideals underpinning many religions? From the peasant rebellions to modern day liberation theology, the Dalai Lama to the Iranian revolution, history is littered with moments of rebellion influenced by religious thought. Are these movements allies or something quite different? How do we react to modern forms of racism and exclusionism whilst maintaining a critique of religious movements?

Shift magazine are looking for contributions for issue 11 on the topic of anti-capitalism and Islam. In particular we would be interested in articles exploring the politics of solidarity with regards to the Left and Islam or mapping shifts within contemporary Far Right politics, with the focus on Islam being of particular interest. As well as articles discussing Islam we would be interested in articles discussing other religions such as Buddhism, religious solidarity, liberation theology or other similair topics. We will also consider articles not directly related to religion but that are directly relevant for anti-capitalist politics here in the UK. Please send proposals to by the end of November.