Where is the switchboard of Capitalism?

Have been reading the recently produced climate camp reader/paper. Whilst it’s nice to see the Camp foregrounding systemic criticisms beyond growth alone, and solutions beyond lifestyle change, it’s important we don’t drift towards simply bashing the bankers. Similar arguments to those seen at the G20 appear to be peering through the pages with finance being seen as the privileged lever of capitalism and therefore the key target. However, targeting finance specifically is likely to lead us down the dead end of Tobin taxes or national banks. Capitalism isn’t a conspiracy or a moral system in which the greed of a few bankers/politicians leads to the suffering of all. We must seek to analyse the systemic processes, acting behind the scenes as it were.

Found and old interview with Michael Heinrich today. He’s being interviewed by someone from the “Ums Ganze” network (translates roughly as “all or nothing”, or “all of it” I’ve been told), who were involved in the G8 protests in Heilegendam. notable for marching behind a banner with an image of Britney Spears breakdown on it ( suggesting that Capital effects all of us). Although it’s a bit old the discussion about the G8 as a switchboard for Capital is probably relevant also for the financial system. There is a whole gamut of things out their critiquing those analyses which focus on finance, yet it continually resurges (see the J18 carnival against capitalism as a previous example).


P.S. apologies for lack of posts, moving house and trying to write an article for Shift magazine have taken their toll on any sort of productivity.

P.P.S Good Luck to everyone going to the Camp up in Scotland this weekend. Be safe.


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