The Guardian and the Bilderberg Conference

What is going no with the Guardians coverage of the Bilderberg conference in Catalonia?

They’ve been giving a lot of coverage to Charlie Skeltons Bilderblog, indeed two of his posts are in the Guardian’s website top 5 posts. This blog comes correct with the  usual Guardian house style when dealing with (peaceful) activists. At times it felt like being on Safari in Spain with frequent reference to the increasingly exotic pants being worn by the heroic activists (who are apparently our best friends) attempting to alert the world to the architects of a new world order just the other side of the security fences.

I mean, no wonder the Bilderberg delegates are embarrassed. They’re strategising to make the world a better place – who’d want to be seen doing that?

These activists, and Charlie Skelton apparently,  have seen through the facade of late capitalism. The global economy is being shaped by powerful conspiracies in a host of exotic, secluded resorts. Whilst it may be comforting to believe that a cabal of the worlds mightiest are scheming to rule the world and that, therefore, social liberation requires us only to realise this and thwart them, it is not very accurate.

Seeing capitalism as something external, as a conspiracy fails to deal with the reality of our social existence.  But an analysis based on the domination of our abstract labour time doesn’t sell as many papers does it?



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