Sunday Papers #7: 16th May

* A bleak analysis of a day in the life of an academic. As much as many of us, especially those wanting to pursue a career in academia, would like to think otherwise, the ivory tower of academic labour isn’t impregnable. The battering ram of capital extends everywhere…

* Greek magazine “The Flesh Machine” shuts down in response to the actions of “professional revolutionaries” (the specialists in social change of “Give Up Activism”) within the Greek uprising and the lack of a critical response to the deaths of three bank workers in a recent protest. Interesting to see an involved criticism of the uprising. If you can manage to wade through the perhaps overly pretentious language it contains an important criticism of those seeking to channel and foreclose the potentail of the Greek uprising. Resonates with wider discussions about the role of “activism” within social change, although in a situation very alien to that which many of us, particularly here in the UK, have experience of.

* Good analysis of the Berlin phenomenon of car burning. Perhaps a little romanticised in the style of the coming insurrection (which it references) and the Situationist international’s analysis of the Watts riot. However it is an interesting take on an interesting phenomenon. Also, check this German website mapping the car burning in Berlin.

* Article on Calais by Dariush Sokolov. Can Calais be seen as the intensification of the European security regime?

* And finally… Kanellos the Greek street dog who is a constant presence at demonstrations in Athens. Apparently, he has never sided with the police at any demonstrations.


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