Sunday Papers #5: 4th April

A few little treats this bank holiday Sunday.

* Very short but critical piece discussing the *ahem* “legacy” of the Summer of Rage last year.

* CJA have released a position paper discussing the concept of climate justice and how it applies to the European context. Seems pretty progressive when compared to the nonsense being bandied about in the thread above and in large parts of the environmental sphere. Climate Justice looks like a useful discourse to unite autonomous movements around.

* In the spirit of the anniversary of the Poll tax riots here’s a link to a documentary of the day.

* And to continue the documentary vibe, here’s an interesting documentary on pirate radio. Autonomous cultural production!

Given the bank holiday weekend here are some links to a few more meaty articles coming from the value critique strand of Marxism. I think that this strand has a lot of potential to offer to autonomous anti-capitalist movements, as it provides a useful materialist understanding of capital without devolving into workerism, vanguardism or any other bits of marxist historical baggage.

* Transcript of a Moishe Postone article – a fairly clear explanation of the value critique position. The Q and A after is also quite revealing.

* Translation of an Anselm Jappe article distributed at last years Communism conference at Birkbeck. I think he is connected to the Krisis/Exit tendency. In this article he, correctly I think, argues that Neo-liberalism was one solution to the crisis of valorisation in the 1960’s. He makes the point that rather than being a deviation of the so called “real” economy, the financialisation of capitalism we have witnessed in the past twenty to thirty years was a response to a crisis in Fordist forms of production. This is quite a similar argument to that made by David Harvey.

* and finally, no it not an April fools joke but Delroy Smelley, the officer who brutally assaulted a demonstrator at the G20 protests and seen by thousands on youtube, walks free from court. When asked to comment on the verdict he merely replied “I don’t think so, I’ve got a reputation to protect.”….tosser


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