Flying? to Bolivia!

The Indymedia UK scene has been shocked today by the announcement in the Daily Mail that members of the UK Camp for Climate Action will be attending Evo Morales conference on climate change in Bolivia by plane! This has produced a rather serious period of soul searching within the climate change movement beginning with a rational, productive discussion on Indymedia UK.

Things get more and more farcical in the Green movement

Can’t help but feel that a certain amount of perspective is missing. Whilst there are aspects of the conference to be concerned about the mode of transport to get their probably doesn’t need to be so high up the agenda.


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  1. You know they’re going to go – they’ll come to the conclusion that while it’s obviously unacceptable to fly if you want to go on holiday to escape the drudgery of working life in the UK, they’d be going for a higher moral purpose. Despite the fact that it will be amazingly good fun, it’s more legitimate for climate activists to fly around the world because their aims are qualitatively worth more than other people’s frivilous desires!

    Of course they should go if they’re serious about climate justice, because it’s about more than counting carbon! Need to get away from that slave morality…

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