Sunday Papers’ #3: 7th February

* The 13th European Police Congress will meet in Berlin this month.  This will see a presentation from the head of the Copenhagen police force, discussions surround the deployment of EU security systems into non-EU countries and a, quite frankly alarming, plenary titled “What can we learn from the armed forces?” The extension and intensification of the European project continues.

* I’ve already commented on the Undercurrents article in this excellent compilation of articles from J18 and Seattle, republished by the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective. Whilst debates on violence have moved beyond both the ACME collective statement on the Black Bloc in Seattle and its most vocal opponents of the time, the undercurrent critique is as relevant as ever. The last article written by David Harvie is quite academic in tone, for example try the first sentence,

“The historical geography of capitalist development is at a key inflexion point in which the geographical configurations of power are rapidly shifting at the very moment when the temporal dynamic is facing very serious constraints”.

However the quality of its analysis and the interesting questions it raises make it the most worthwhile article of the pamphlet. After laying out a brief, concise history of the past two decades of capital accumulation, an account based heavily on David Harvey, and clearly analysing the tensions within capital today Harvie moves on to discussing the potential for radical change. It’s particularly nice to see yet another author decide to call for a reconstituted Communism, demonstrated in this case with a nice, if perhaps a little unoriginal, alteration to a standard anti-globalisation slogan,

If, as the alternative globalization movement of the late 1990s declared, ‘another world is possible’ then why not also say ‘another communism is possible’?

* This is an excellent site trying to chronicle Manchester’s radical history. After reading Luther Blisset’s Q (Review coming soon) it seems I’m developing quite the passion for all things radical and historical.

* Lastly, in the spirit of constructive criticism re-read this short but interesting article posted on the Turbulence website called “What Would it Mean to Lose“. The question of defeat, of whom, by whom and why are vital if we wish to move forward onto new political terrain rather than repeating the past ten years again.


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