Sunday Papers #1: 24th January

So this is a new idea that I’ve had as a way to both share my virtual wanderings and to force me to reflect more on what I come across during them. Hopefully people may find interesting articles that are worth reading on here. Suggestions and comments are (as always) welcome.

* Notes from Below have posted up an interview that they have done with CJA spokesperson Tadzio Mueller. It’s quite an interesting, if short, discussion. Tadzio touches upon the need for energy justice in the Global North, ‘Diagonalism’ (as opposed to the horizontalism of the alter-globalisation movement) and what he see’s as the need for mobilisations at COP15.5 (Bonn) and COP-16 in Mexico. The concept of ‘Diagonalism’ is particularly interesting and one whose implications should probably be thought through. For example, could we and should we “work with” the Bolivian and Venezuelan state be, what would that look like and what are the likely outcomes of it?

* Principia have pointed out the existence of an excellent Facebook group dedicated to promoting a strand of Marxism related to value criticism. This is a current of thought associated with the German Krisis magazine and authors such as Moishe Postone and provides an interesting escape route from a Marxology obsessed with class struggle.

* The crisis in Haiti continues. Whilst tourists on a cruise relax on beaches thirty miles from Port-Au-Prince with cocktails in hand, the Lancet criticises the Aid agencies involved in the relief operations for focusing on media friendly rescues rather than the less glamorous support of those outside of the rubble. K-Punk discusses the post-political aspect of the crisis whilst Lenin’s Tomb discusses the racist elements of the media reporting as well as reminding us, via Klein, of the opportunities that this crisis presents for Capital.

* Finally, Shift Magazine have printed their next issue. This issue contains analysis of Copenhagen, discussions on Mutualism, an interview with Geographer Erik Swyngedouw and a rather bizarre letter from a German anarchist enamoured with the UK climate camp.


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